Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 1: About Denise Lim (1)

Personally, I think that dealing with such issues is a common issue for teenagers. However, if we do not overcome them or do something about these problems, it will build up and become a serious issue. For they would make us think of negative thoughts and remain stuck in the past. This is bad as it prevents us from continuing on with life. Depression will cause us to just fill sadness and pain, and it will make us to not spend our youth life well. Being lonely is common, however, if we do not go out and make friends or interact with others, then we will remain lonely and appear anti-social. We will not have any friends to support us or be there for us when we are in times of need. Heartbreaks can cause us to have a break down, depending on its severity. It is unhealthy for us as heartbreaks will make us think of the negative thoughts and feel pessimistic. We might even come up with reasons to deceive ourselves to hide the pain or fear. This kind of denial will only hinder us from continuing on with our life, therefore we should overcome these issues quickly when we face them.

Honestly, I do not think that being different from our peers is a big issue. I do not think that it is something that we should feel sad or brood about. Frankly, I think that everyone is different in their own ways and that is what makes us unique from one another. Hence, if we are different from our peers, we should have this thinking that we are unique and that is what makes us stand out from the rest. Moreover, it is because of these unique characteristics that others will remember us for. However, I feel that putting up a front hides our true colours and our true self. Teenagers generally put up a front to hide their feelings and emotions. This is really tiring as we always have to put up a front and be mindful that we do not blow our cover away. Over a long run, we will feel that it is very taxing on us and it is a burden to us.

My advice to deal with these issues are to write down our feelings and thoughts in a journal or a diary or talk to a close friend or adult. After which, write the solutions on how we can overcome these issues. If we are uncomfortable in writing it down on paper because we are afraid that others might see it, then write our feelings and thoughts on a piece of paper. After writing the solutions on how to deal with these issues, we can tear the paper out and tear it into pieces before throwing it in the dustbin. This will signify that we will not dwell in those unhealthy issues and that we will start afresh again.

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  1. There is an introduction,there is a body where thoughts and feelings are discussed to back up on the introduction and there is a conclusion for the first paragraph. All the issues have been mentioned and there are also solutions to deal with the issues. Reasons for the chosen method are present and they are reasonable