Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 1: About Millie Thng (07)

These are challenges that teenagers face, but I really wonder why. What is the point of getting depressed anyway? Maybe they cannot help it. If they do not want to suffer heartbreaks, then don’t bother about looking for a relationship. I feel that some of these challenges became a “challenge” to teenagers because they are the ones who started it,they are the ones who created the problem, or in Chinese : 自找麻烦.

Although I have read many poems and stories in the book, and I have seen examples in real life, I still do not get why life is so dramatized. Why do people choose to be depressed? Why do people choose to be lonely? Why? In case you are thinking “oh they can’t choose” well, they can. If you are depressed due to an incident, then get out of it! I mean if I find out that I am unusually down, then I would watch a lot of cheerful videos to make me feel happier, or find out what is the root of the problem. Why do teenagers like to dwell in depression? It is the same issue regarding loneliness. If you are lonely, go out there and find a friend! Even if you cannot find a friend, then have a toy accompany you or something. That is what I do. I have a keychain bear that whenever I feel lonely (rarely though) I would take it out and talk to it. Teenagers suffer heartbreaks because they seek relationships too early and therefore are unable to take it when the other party breaks up with them. If I were them, I would not even bother. I mean, if the other party breaks up with you, then the other party is at the losing end and they are not worth your time. I do not think there is anything wrong about being different from others. Being different means you are unique, which means you are special. I do not think there is anything wrong about putting up a front, or else you would see people crying all over the streets. One thing for sure, if they are upset deep down, they should find someone to talk to.

I feel that life is too short to be fighting with these issues. I’d rather live a carefree and happy life. People need to learn to take things easily

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