Monday, March 21, 2011

Activity 1: About Pasakorn Konwohrachet (18)

Sorry about the voice, guys. Sore throat. Am I the only one not showing my face in my video?

The Script

Hi, I’m Pasakorn Konwohrachet. And this is me.

Now, how should I introduce myself?

For starters, let me just say that I’m a Thai. I know, no big surprise there, huh?

There are a lot of things I like and things I hate. I won’t name them all. But I’ll be about a neutral presence to most people.

One thing I’m certainly interested in is plays. They provide a good way to imagine the stage and story. Some day, I hope, I can be an accomplished playwright myself.

Did I mention I hate sports? I find sports to be extremely violent (in most cases anyways). I’d rather sit back and read a quiet book. Aah…

Let me go a bit into my schools and studies.

As I’ve already said before, I’m neutral to any subject, class or teacher that comes my way.

Most students wouldn’t care about these anyway. These days, students care more about their ‘O’ Level results than their secondary school.

Another thing about school is time. Students nowadays hardly ever have free time. I remember recently reading an article, which says students are one of the first, and one of the last people on trains. What’s more, there’s a stack of homework at home waiting for him. Who can find free time?

This shall be the end of the introductory video. This was my life story.

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