Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 1: About Roy Chua (09)

I feel that depression is a feeling that is felt when one feels dejected. Loneliness is felt whenever we feel ignored and unwanted by people. Heartbreaks are felt whenever we are rejected by people close to you, heartbreaks can not necessarily be felt when out of love, it could also be felt when a sibling starts to hate you for something that you have done. Despite these feelings being different in their own way, many situations nowadays would make us experience these feelings altogether, along with other feelings like guilt, and is not too normally felt separately.

I feel that being different should be something that is appreciated, like I, for one, have not met anyone who likes mythical creatures like dragons as much as I do. It is these special things about us that allow us to make friends and be unique.

I feel that putting up a front is to prevent people from seeing your true feelings. Some people do this when they are depressed, lonely, heartbroken, and so on, to not let people worry about them or to not seek attention. Some people put up a front to hide their true personality and to let people have a different impression of them. I feel this would be bad, as no matter how hard we try to put up a front, our true personality is bound to be revealed in due time.

I deal with these problems by drawing if I have the time. The drawing would then be based on my feelings, if I am sad, the drawing would be in darker colours and have a colder atmosphere, and if I am angry, more vivid colours like bright red or orange would be used and the picture would have a heavy atmosphere. Other times, when I have less time, I would say out my feelings to close friends, and hoping that nothing would be disclosed to others.

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