Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 1: About {Tshin Qi Ren (19)}

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

Everyone of us faces different challenge everyday. We need to find a way to cope with it if not, if we just simply ignores it, just like a rubber band, people would snap and break down. That is when all the more serious trouble comes in. Those people tend to get more emotional when they are in the break down time and tend to hush people away from them. But I'm sure deep inside them, they want someone caring. Someone who would go over and talk to them, make them feel good, make them happy again.
Depression is something that is scary to me. We teens often say that this guy or that guy is "emo-ing" and that is already very heartbreaking and makes the friends, people around them to be very sad. But what happens when it finally comes to depression. It would be way worse.
Loneliness is a part of everyday life. Some people prefer to be alone. Some prefer to have the accompany of friends. But mostly, the latter. Well, lets ask who do not want to have friends? If the entire world's human population is dead, would you still want to stay alive? Some people would say yes, some no. For me, nope. I see no meaning in life when I am the last man on Earth. People think loneliness is a very simple thing. This just proves that they never experienced the real loneliness. They are simply being very bored and are alone. Some big example is Naruto. I know its an anime but its true. He was rejected by his fellow friends and life was very difficult for him. He had no friends and EVERYONE in his village look upon him with scary eyes like "why is this plague doing here?".
Heartbreaks come almost everyday when you feel disappointed. There is also a heartbreak when you have a crush on someone and that person rejects you. Personally, I never felt the latter heartbreak before but the disappointment, yes I did. Being different from peers, I actually do not think much of this. Everyone is unique in their own ways and their own manner. Personally, I look different from others because of the scar between my mouth and the nose. Its a touchy subject for me and I do not really wish to talk about it. However, I did not really mind the difference and still live the same way as my friends does. This issue, I do not really see it at all.
Putting up a face is hiding the pain from others. If its done with a good purpose, its just a fancy name for white lies. My mum does it. Sometimes, she had quarrels with my dad and when she phones home, China, to her mum. She says nothing is wrong. This kind I think its acceptable as it is to prevent other from worrying... But for the storybook case, they are talking about teens hiding their sadness from others and make it like they are normal. When they are all alone at home, they would curl into a ball and start to cry, feeling hurt all over again. Its a very tiring job as its just abnormal to pretend to be someone else when your feeling hurt, sad deep down inside your heart.

Personally, the best method is to write. Speech it down. Be it type into a document, write in a diary or talk to someone. They are the best methods around.They serve as 2 different purpose. 1. To help you vent your feelings and make it better. 2. Next time when you grow up, you chance upon this old and rusty book. You open it and find yourself so foolish. You would read it and this is the book you been feeling your emotions with... That is when you would have a good laugh. Why not? You feel happy for the time being as you vent all your frustration and next, you laugh more when your older, more mature.

In the end, we must really enjoy our life, sit back relax and have fun with your current friends after all, you might not see them again anymore... Forgive and forget. Life is not about making grudges. Having grudges in life is also bad for health. Since we are given the will to live. Might as well take good use of it.

Enjoy life. Have fun. =D

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  1. too lengthy, any old teacher would start to snore before they hit the third paragraph, please do not drag unreal characters like Naruto, and fine, you have a point in the curling up and cry.