Thursday, April 7, 2011

Activity 1: About Helene Tan (06)

I think that these issues are certainly hard to face, but everyone has to face them at some point of time. I think that we should take these sort of problems as they come, but try to be prepared for them as well. All these issues have a solution, but it is different for everyone, although getting advice from others can help. I think it is important to support your friends if they are going through these troubles, as when anyone is experiencing these types of problems, they will definitely need a friend to talk to. Perhaps doing something you enjoy rather than moping around will be good.

If I had problems like these, I would probably keep them to myself at first, but eventually tell others about my problems. I think that I would keep them to myself at first, as I would not want to trouble others.

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  1. There is no introduction, and you did not write down a thesis statement/topic sentence. This made the body quite vague, as it was generally addressing all the issues. The entry is a bit short, it could have been longer :)